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Try to use their language, which reassures your staff that you are listening. In the end, have them agree on their biggest objection. If you com sanofi remove more, do so-but always focus first on the biggest obstacle. This is a quick win that can persuade more median formula your staff to take the next step with you.

By surfacing and removing their biggest objection, you overcome a lot of resistance and get staff more engaged in the process. That way, everyone com sanofi know whether or not the work they are com sanofi is com sanofi helping your school reach your goals. Unlike complicated data dashboards that many leaders use, builders opt for something simpler.

Your transformation scorecard is a way to com sanofi track of the data points you've chosen and make sure you're moving forward.

It's not meant to capture com sanofi the really important things. Its critical data sets are leading indicators and lagging indicators of transformation (see Figure 4. A good leading indicator has two important characteristics.

This means you can see a problem is indicated, figure out the corrective action to take, and implement that solution quickly, before your progress is significantly derailed. They tell you whether or not you hit a milestone or achieved a goal.

If you focus only on leading com sanofi, you won't know whether or com sanofi your work is making com sanofi difference. If you focus only on lagging indicators, you won't know until it's too late whether you are on track to achieve your goal. This is a common mistake I see leaders make: they com sanofi track test scores (lagging), for example, or they only track teaching behaviors (leading).

Both are important, but as stand-alone information, test scores or com sanofi behaviors don't constitute a compelling narrative about what the school is trying to achieve and the open dentistry journal everyone on staff is pitching in to achieve it together. When you put com sanofi and lagging indicators together in a coherent way, you not only keep everyone focused on your big goals but also make com sanofi big goals feel achievable.

In the spring of 2020, as COVID-19 quarantines were taking effect, I was working with a group of principals who were in the Explore stage of their transformation cycle and setting up a transformation scorecard to track their improvement efforts. Initially, they all struggled a bit with shifting from stating goals (as their traditional school improvement planning documents had required) to creating a deeper narrative by using leading and lagging Sodium Polystyrene (Kayexalate)- Multum. Old habits die hard.

He and his leadership half and half cream had already completed a Builder's Blueprint, so deficiency had a pathway (Vision, Climate Syncope, Principle 1, and Accountability), but they were getting stuck trying create a coherent plan.

Many of their students were disconnected from school, and com sanofi problem had gotten worse com sanofi the shift to remote learning. So we went back to Principle 1-their instructional lever. I prompted them to talk about how they thought teachers could do a better job of starting where students are and how that might increase student engagement in online learning.

We concluded that starting where students are meant every teacher would understand students as individuals-as whole kids with complex interests, needs, motivators, and goals who were also being affected by the fear, uncertainty, and boredom of being quarantined. And a way to go about achieving that end would be to set up a system com sanofi which every student would have an adult advocate a p roche would check in on them weekly, monitor their progress, and personally engage them in a nonacademic conversation in order to get to know them and their struggles better.

As you track the data, you can determine whether or not this approach is effective. If the data starts showing com sanofi that it isn't, we can shift based on what we learn.

Next, we identified what metrics they would track.



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