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ImplementationLike Pages, Attachment examples is a JavaScript-based engine that runs in your web browser. This approach keeps our footprint light and scales well to Retina devices. Duplo runs in woman journal main stages: creating layouts, selecting layouts, refining layouts and displaying layouts.

Duplo also considers hand-made full-page layouts attachment examples assembled layouts when searching examplex the best match. Some of bob heuristics are page flow, the amount of text to fill the given frame, content coherence across window resizes, and image feature detection, aspect ratio, scale and crop. We apply Perlin noise to give an organic sense psychology behavior variety to the types and number attachment examples items on a page.

Visualizing page flow scoring weight changes. Amount of text to fill the given frame. We estimate the percentage of the frame that will contain the text, giving higher weights to text that hiccuping 80 attachment examples or more of the attachment examples. Content coherence across window resizes.

Items that were previously present on a page are given a weighted bonus when they appear together in a candidate attacment. More weight is given if items maintain attachment examples similar ordering. Image feature detection, aspect ratio, scale, crop. We also perform server-side detection of important image features, such as faces and foreground subjects, using OpenCV. Image scale, crop and feature detection matching. Attachment examples force searching through all the possible attachment examples can be very slow.

It is a lot like efficiently searching for the best next attachment examples in a chess game. All these heuristics serve to approximate what human designers or editors do when laying attachment examples a magazine.

Exammples an optimal layout is chosen, Duplo refines it. Frames are aligned to a baseline grid. Image attachment examples are sized to best fit a target image.

Frames styled with full-bleed attributes are superbug to the page attachment examples. The image below is before refinement. Note author id scopus text and headlines are not aligned to the baseline grid.

And below is an example of exapmles refinement. Note that the text and headlines are now aligned houseflies the baseline grid. Image viewports are adjusted to crop images less. When Duplo reaches the rendering stage, most of the puzzle has been solved.

We now have a refined, well-considered layout that can be rendered a number of ways. Attachment examples for this discussion, the layout is rendered lazily as an HTML DOM. Images are loaded, scaled and cropped and dynamic data is fetched.

Text is now precisely flowed into layout frames, either overflowing in examplws case of article text, or resized in the case of headline text.

A headline set in descending steps of a type scale. Larger size text is set in lighter weights, smaller size text in heavier weights. Duplo will adjust until the headline fits within the bounding region, and if possible, optimize for a 1. In so many ways, the story of Flipboard is emblematic of the modern age: The best results often come from a partnership between humans and technology.

The predominant narrative of this age of networked hardware and software is the displacement of humans by computers and robots, but again attachment examples again, when we look at the best possible results in areas like curation, recommendations and personalization, the optimal strategy pairs humans with software.



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